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Armenia in 3 days from our partner

Must see, must do and must visit in June 2021!
June promises to be colourful and festive this year!
Let’s take a trip on the first weekend of June. Today we will digress from the usual maritime directions and climb to the height of 1500-2000 meters above the sea level to enjoy clean air and an abundance of fruits, drink wine, eat stretching cheese in the mountains, and listen to music!

We recommend arriving in Armenia on June 4th. Dedicate the first day to a trip to Lake Sevan, walk along the shore, and visit the ancient monastery of Sevanavank. All monasteries in Armenia have ‘walked’ a difficult path in history, serving as not only spiritual, but also educational centers. Finally, travel to the balneological resort town of Dilijan. The abundance of wonderful restaurants and beautiful landscapes will turn your day into a fairy tale among the mountains and coniferous forests.

On the 4th and 5th of June, the Armenian capital is hosting a beloved festival – Yerevan Wine Days.

Wine Days usually take place on the first weekend of May, but this year the festival will be held on the first weekend of June. The central streets of Yerevan will be filled with representatives of wineries. Visitors will have a unique opportunity to not only taste a wide range of wines made from endemic Armenian grape varieties, but also taste dishes of Armenian and international cuisine. A wide range of cheeses will be on offer as well. The event is to kick off at 4 pm and end at 11 pm.

Devote the morning of June 5th to a walk around Yerevan. Only a walking tour will enable you to look into every secluded corner and get to know the city. Walk along Abovyan Street, look into authentic cafes and restaurants, visit the History Museum, and make sure to have a look at the flea market – Vernissage. Finally, climb the architectural and monumental complex – Cascade. Take a picture of the landscapes of Yerevan with you.

On the evening of June 5th, go to Saryan Street, take a wine tasting coupon and enjoy wines, cheeses, wonderful music and the atmosphere of the drunken evening Yerevan!
As a special treat, POLOCORP will deliver a performance at Motor Yerevan! You can buy tickets here.

On June 6th, before departure, travel to the Garni Gorge that stretches along River Azat. The gorge is notable for its Symphony of Stones – basalt pillars almost 50 m high, which resemble an organ. The basalt organ seems manmade due to its amazing symmetry. Then, visit the pagan Temple of Garni, located in the village of the same name. Shop for local sweets and hurry to the airport. The journey to Garni will take 5-6 hours.

Three days in the mountains, sunsets and sunrises, wine and special music, delicious food and time alone. When traveling, you rarely get the opportunity to immerse both in local culture and in yourself. Armenia is that rare opportunity.