Triangulum community is Armenian based company which organizes different types of electronic music events in various locations since 2015.

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Our company is organizing different types of events in various locations. Our project is dedicated to development of electronic music in Armenia.

Triangulum x Jellyfish w/ Localz

16 March 2024
Jellyfish Yerevan
Dav | Leo Aniram | Kai | Makhmurian

Triangulum ID w/ Izhevski

November 18 2023
Teo | Izhevski | Leo Aniram | KAÍ

Sebastien Leger at Garni temple

8 July 2023
Garni Temple
Donz | Teom | Sebastien Leger | Leo Aniram | Kai

Triangulum invites Goom Gum

April 15 2023
Goom Gum | Nick Gregory | Leo Aniram | KAÍ

Jameson New Year’s EVE w/ Triangulum

31 December 2021
Platform | Yerevan
Teom | Leo Aniram | The Organism | Karo Pillz

POLOCORP Yerevan hosted by Absolut

5 June 2021
Motor Yerevan
Socko | Kaí | Polocorp | Leo Aniram b2b Smailov

Absolut Carousel by Triangulum

6 July 2018
Hayfilm | Yerevan
Kate Miller | Leö Anîram b2b KAÍ | Woo York | Mad b2b Nancy

Backyard, we chillin hosted by Triangulum

11 June 2017
Casa de Locos | Yerevan
KAÍ | Leö Anîram